TXST Monarch Center for Immigrant Students

Who We Are

The Monarch Center is a virtual hub, streamlining communications and access to immigration resources, programs, and research.

Monarch Center Team 

Monarch Center membership consists of TXST faculty and staff committed to educating, supporting, and advocating for our immigrant students.


How We Got Started

  • November 2019 – presidential DACA Task Force recommendations include implementing a DACA resource center
  • February 2020 – coordinator appointed to lead the Center
  • March 2020 – inaugural meeting of faculty and staff charged with serving on the advisory council; decided on official name
  • May 2020 – official launch of Monarch Center and website
  • July 2020 – graduate assistant hired to staff the Monarch Center
  • August 2020 – physical space located in Brazos Hall 218 opened to students
  • September 2020 – assembled team of immigration research scholars 

Mission Statement

The mission of the TXST Monarch Center for Immigrant Students is to provide a network of university leaders offering evidenced-based research, resources and support in the form of guidance, strategic initiatives for the academic success and inclusion of DACA and Immigrant students.

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Our Pledge

Educate – Provide access to higher education opportunities for DACA and immigrant students by actively engaging with and spreading awareness about educational laws and student rights.  

Support – Increase recruitment, retention, and graduation of DACA and immigrant students by addressing their unique academic, personal, and professional needs in a holistic manner by partnering with TXST academic and student service areas. The university is committed to promoting the safety, well-being, and success of these students while maintaining their confidentiality and identity. 

Advocate – Promote a welcoming campus climate through creation of a knowledgeable and sensitive university culture. Engage other higher education partners to create DACA and immigrant student-friendly policy.

Featured Events

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Become an Ally

Participate in an informational workshop to learn about best practices for supporting undocumented, DACA, and immigrant students at TXST.

Texas State faculty, staff, and graduate students are eligible to enroll in the workshops offered through the office of Organizational Development and Communication once per semester.

Full-time employees who complete the workshop earn coursework toward the Bobcat J.E.D.I. certification program. If 50% of more of FTE in one unit complete the course, the unit becomes a designated Bobcat Dreamer Safe Office.

Presentations and workshops may be requested by on- and off-campus entities. Click below to request a presentation.

Contact Us

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Michelle Sotolongo, MA
Lampasas Hall Room 410

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Attorney for Students

Angelica Coronado, JD
LBJ Student Center,
Suite 5-1.5

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