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The mission of the TXST Monarch Center for Immigrant Students is to provide a network of university leaders offering evidenced-based research, resources and support in the form of guidance, strategic initiatives for the academic success and inclusion of DACA and Immigrant students. Our research team engages in research about DACA and immigrant students to enhance their success. 

  • Dr. Glora P. Martinez, Research Team Co-Chair, Professor of Sociology, Director of Latina/o Studies, Director for the Center of Diversity and Gender Studies
  • Dr. Bob Edward Vasquez, Research Team Co-Chair, Associate Professor, School of Criminal Justice & Criminology 
  • Dr. Sarah A. Blue, Associate Professor of Geography
  • Dr. Jose Carlos de la Puente, Associate Professor of History, Director of Graduate Studies
  • Dr. Jennifer Ann Devine, Assistant Professor of Geography
  • Dr. Geneva M. Gano, Associate Professor of English
  • Dr. Sergio M. Martinez, Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Dr. John McKiernan-Gonzalez, Associate Professor of History, Director of the Center for the Study of the Southwest
  • Dr. Jaime A. Mejia, Associate Professor of English
  • Dr. Roque Mendez, Professor of Psychology
  • Dr. Mark Menjivar, Assistant Professor of Art Foundations/Expanded Media
  • Dr. Sara A. Ramirez, Assistant Professor of English
  • Dr. Jason A. Reed, Professor of Photography

Research Team Scholarly Work

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  • Reed, J. A. (2019). Blackwell School: Images and Voices from the Archive. In Published in collaboration between Borderland Collective and the Blackwell School Alliance in Marfa, Texas.

  • Reed, J. A. (2018). La Esperanza de ser Yo. In Published in collaboration between Borderland Collective and the Migrant Education Program of Region 15 Texas Education Service Center. Funded by federal Migrant Education Network grants.

  • Reed, J. A. (2018). Oil-land. In Published in collaboration between Borderland Collective and the International School of the Americas. Funded by private foundation grants from Reliance Energy and the Archer Foundation.
  • Reed, J. A. (2018). Borderland Collective: Disrupting the Classroom through Inquiry- Driven and Collaborative Art Projects. Trends: The Journal of the Texas Art Education Association, (Fall 2018).

  • Reed, J. A. (2016). Border-land. In Borderland Collective and the International School of the Americas.

  • Sherman, M. A., Reed, J. A., & Menjivar, M. J. (2018). One to Another: Borderland Collective. San Marcos, Texas: Borderland Collective.

  • Thompson, A., Torres, R. M., Swanson, K., Blue, S. A., & Hernández, Ó. M. H. (2019). Re-conceptualising agency in migrant children from Central America and Mexico. Journal of Ethnic & Migration Studies45(2), 235–252.

Scholars in Media

  • Dr. Jason A. Reed
    • Interview of Borderland Collective on West Texas Talk by Marfa Public Radio. 2019.
    • Interview of Borderland Collective on "The 21st" by WILL Public Radio, Illinois. 2016.
    • Harry Ransom Center Exhibition. Interview with Eklektikos. Austin, TX: KUTX. June 27, 2013.
    • Borderland Youth. Interview with Jason Reed, Co-Founder of the Borderland Youth Documentary Arts Project. New York City, NY: Dodge & Burn: Diversity in Photography History (blog). July 1, 2009.
  • Dr. John Mckiernan-Gonzalez
    • Lyttle-Hernandez, K., Mckiernan-Gonzalez, J., & Gonzales, D. J. (2016). New Directions in Borderlands History: Interview. New Books in Latino Studies. 
  • Dr. Mark Menjivar
    • Salvadoran Repatriation and the Landscape of Memory, Interview with Mark Menjivar. Dialogo: An Interdisciplinary Studies Journal. 1. Vol. 20. DePaul University. 2017. Reviewed by: Tatiana Reinosa.
    • Vam Studio Interview, “Borderland Collective” by Hiba Ali, June 8

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